The Pinafore Relationship

We build a relationship with each client that centers around our deep-rooted advocacy and concern for that individual or family.

Pinafore’s founders have over 50 years of collective experience serving individuals and families like yours with multi-generational education and support. Both Lisa Gabriel and LisaMarie Lozon take pride in making every interaction productive, personal and meaningful. We engage our clients with authentic conversation and transparency at every level. We deeply appreciate what it means to be highly principled stewards of their financial well-being.

“At Pinafore, we are a registered investment advisory firm. We take an oath of fiduciary responsibility which means we focus on a client’s best interest. We take that oath and we live seriously by it.”

When you invest in the Pinafore Relationship you empower yourself and your family – because you capitalize on decades of perspective, wisdom, and expertise. We intimately collaborate with you to develop a plan that aligns with you today and provides a solid foundation for your future.

“Our personal interaction with you is so important that we limit the number of clients and families with whom we work so that we have the most meaningful connection and significant success together.”

Our strong relationship with you provides peace of mind to promote clear, informed decision-making. It is essential to us that we establish an ongoing safe and trusted environment for dialogue about key aspects of your life – since anything that impacts you in life can impact your finances as well as your financial well-being. We maintain a balance sheet for you that represents your total net worth. It can be easily accessed at any time. We provide a private website that reflects all current asset values and positions, and contains a vault to store important documents online.

“We are intentional about the clients we serve best and the relationship we want them to experience.”

Lisa Gabriel is a certified financial planner, CFP ®. LisaMarie Lozon is a Certified Financial Transitionist, CeFT ®. In addition to our personal support, we maintain a highly trusted group of advisors and experts that complement our areas of expertise. This counsel of experts endeavors to create the strongest possible support for our clients as they experience life’s inevitable changes and pursue their varied endeavors.

Our Mission

Integrity. Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of integrity and partner with like-minded clients.

Objectivity. As an owner-operated firm with a 100% open architecture investment approach, we are aligned with our clients’ unique needs for objective advice.

Transparency. It is extremely important that our client’s see and understand everything that goes into organizing, establishing, preserving and managing their wealth.

Empowerment. We believe that success for individuals and families of wealth requires working at the intersection of wealth and family. We focus not only on achieving targeted financial results, but also on helping families understand how to use wealth as a source of both individual strength and family connectedness. Our goal is to empower family members to be responsible stewards of their wealth and heritage.

Commitment. Forming deep and long-lasting relationships with families as a whole, and individually with family members, allows us to truly understand a family’s needs and help to determine the most effective strategies for meeting them.