Change & Transition

Change Happens, Transition Successfully.™
Financial and life changes happen. Pinafore guides you through the turbulent waters of financial uncertainty, bringing clarity and stability to your wealth management.

“We are compassionate expert advocates who effectively coach our clients through life.”

Life is full of life-changing events that require a careful and effective transition. These events may include among other changes: marriage or divorce, adoption or birth of a child, death or illness of a loved one, sudden financial gain or division, as well as career change or retirement. All of these events may trigger emotional upheaval and render decision making difficult.

As a leading and credentialed Transition Strategist, LisaMarie represents a safe harbor amid the storms of profound change. Relying upon her straightforward guidance and strategic collaboration, LisaMarie will assist you in managing the chaos and consequence of change and transition.

“As change and transition are rarely predictable, you can feel confident in knowing that LisaMarie is here to engage you in conversation whenever needed.”

LisaMarie In Conversation™

LisaMarie intimately understands that our clients experience ongoing change and transition as they move through their daily lives and plan for their future. This change can at times be overwhelming. She is specially trained to guide you in that space of perceived chaos that often accompanies change and transition. She collaborates with you asking good questions, listening to the relevant aspects of your life and offers an enhanced perspective to consider.

LisaMarie is an unbiased listener and analytical thinker. During her 20-year career in wealth management, she has observed that most highly successful clients are going through significant change and often benefit from advice beyond a financial scope. Even the most competent individuals benefit from an empathetic listener and strategic decision-making partner during difficult transitional periods.

Our client’s gain peace of mind, there’s no more chaos, they understand they’re partnering with somebody who mitigates confusion and gives order to everything in a manner that is easy to understand.
LisaMarie guides you in successfully navigating profound change and transition by:
  • Employing her personal, empathic, and dialectical In Conversation™ approach
  • Guiding you to an Empowered Change™ by partnering with you through the transitional stages associated with significant change and transition
  • Paying particular attention to the integration of each aspect of your personal and professional life
  • Resolving perceived conflicts between your values and goals, opening doors for honest internal and interpersonal communication
  • Being an empathic listener, coach, and mentor to facilitate clarity during discomfort and chaos
  • Engaging with you as a strategic, decision-making partner as you face what seem to be too many, too few, or too difficult choices
  • Helping you evaluate solutions and see clearly the alternatives, ramifications, and opportunities that accompany difficult and important decisions
  • Partnering with you in your efforts to clarify vision and purpose as you emerge from life-changing transition