The Pinafore Experience

As Simple As Possible, as complex as necessary.™

Our services are designed to meet you where you are in life and guide you through important life stages and events. We strive to simplify the complexities of wealth and financial management. Successful investing requires three key ingredients: stability of return, downside protection, and substantial opportunity for growth.

“A financial plan is not a moment in time, it evolves over time: day-to-day, week-to-week, and we’ll be at your side for every bend in the road.”

After talking with you and exploring the answers to many important questions, we create a customized roadmap just for you that represents where you are and where you are going. This roadmap is flexible, and much like a navigation system, is re-directed as needed. This dynamic approach is an organic response to what’s going on now along with productive conversation and a relative insight based on our years of expertise.

“Working in collaboration with you, we develop a holistic strategy to manage your current and future wealth, taking into consideration the impact of estate planning, taxes, asset protection, investments, legacy planning/charitable giving strategies, multigenerational planning, and education.”

The Pinafore Experience
Intelligent investing is essential to sustaining and creating sufficient wealth to achieve your life goals. However, in today’s increasingly complex and often turbulent financial climate, successful wealth management is easier said than done. Intelligent investing requires three ingredients: stability of return, downside protection, and the opportunity for growth. Pinafore’s innovative and intelligent approach gives you the best opportunity to accomplish these objectives.
Pinafore’s personalized approach begins with an in-depth discovery phase that gives us the opportunity to understand your personal and financial goals, as well as your capacity to tolerate risk and your time horizon. Together, we determine your income requirements, tax status, timeline, and other circumstances that make you and your financial horizon unique. We collaborate with you on asset allocation targets, individual investment strategies, and their risk/return profile. Your personalized wealth management strategy will include:

  • Rebalancing portfolios consistent with intended targets
  • Tax-smart investment strategies
  • Meeting distribution requirements for tax-deferred accounts or trusts
  • Harvesting tax losses or gains when appropriate
  • Maintaining cost basis for tax considerations

Total Wealth Picture
Intelligent planning helps us examine the risks and opportunities inherent in managing your cumulative wealth. It presents an overview of how the various disciplines (tax, insurance, investments, and legal) interplay and how their interconnectedness creates peripheral challenges and opportunities.


We find that the greatest obstacles to accumulating and managing wealth, as well as the most intriguing opportunities, lie in the spaces between the transactions and the gaps in the traditional approaches. When you employ intelligent planning, you are positioned to make wise choices in managing your total wealth.

Change also means transition. Susan Bradley says, “When life changes money changes, and when money changes life changes.™”. Through Financial Transition Planning, we advise and coach clients during significant financial life transitions using the resources, tools, and methodology of The Sudden Money® Institute.
How you plan your finances will help you create the life you envision for yourself and your family, protect you against unforeseen challenges, and transfer your wealth across generations.

Intelligent, proactive planning gives you flexibility and choices in your life. We know that no matter how well you plan, life often has something else in mind. Life plans change. The unexpected happens. Being proactive in planning means you plan for as much as you can and anticipate potential opportunities and risks that may lie ahead. Then, financial plans can be tested against the ‘what ifs’ in life.

The result is a financial roadmap that not only projects into the future, but one that has the flexibility to change when necessary so that your life, your future, and your legacy are never compromised. Intelligent, proactive planning with our clients is the core of who we are as a firm, and it fundamentally drives decisions and offerings around portfolio strategies.

Intelligent, proactive planning with our clients is the core of who we are as a firm, and it fundamentally drives decisions and offerings around investment strategy and programs.

Our planning process incorporates key areas, such as:

  • Retirement planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Investment Portfolio Design
You may have prepared the money for your family, but have you prepared your family for the money?
Planning for the future of your money is not the same as planning for the future of your family. At Pinafore, we believe that your family’s true wealth lies in the wisdom, virtues, life lessons, and social, cultural and spiritual values that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Pinafore collaborates with your family as you learn to:
Prepare and equip the next generations.
Communicate effectively.
Work together, mentoring family members in the skills needed to succeed as individuals and as a united family.
Identify your family’s stories, core values, and life lessons, and integrate them as your cornerstone for all of your planning.

Pinafore collaborates with you to grow and maintain your family’s unity.