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As you collaborate with your Pinafore advisors to establish an intelligent wealth management plan you will learn about our commitment to the education of our clients. We want you to be as informed as possible about your finances. The following educational resources provide valuable educational information.


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Additional Resources

These links to other financial resources will take you away from the Pinafore website. These links will open a new window. You can close this new window at any time and return to this page.

Introduction to Investments

by Prof. William Goetzmann This online textbook addresses all of the key elements of Modern Portfolio Theory. It represents a top-rate introduction to the subject for anyone who aspires to a deeper understanding of this important topic.
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Saving For is devoted exclusively to the still relatively new Section 529 college savings plans. Here you’ll find articles explaining what these plans are and how best to use them. The site hosts a database that lists the key features of all state plans and includes a 1 to 5 “cap” (as in mortarboard) rating system.
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Money Savvy Generation

Possessing refined personal finance skills requires understanding the difference between saving and investing as well as having an appreciation for goal-setting, planning, and delayed gratification. Money Savvy Generation’s mission is to get children actively involved in learning about basic personal finance so they can achieve their life goals. They provide tools and other products to help children and young adults see the link between the money in their lives and their ability to achieve their lifelong dreams.
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BankRate Financial Calculators contains a proprietary list of financial calculators.
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Annual Credit Report

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